Who We help

Do any of these sound like you? No matter where you are in your Sales, Marketing or SDR career, there are ways Synapse can help. Whether it's taking the headache of CRM optimization off your plate or helping you succeed in your new SDR Manager position, we got you.


Who is Synapse for?


Synapse is for revenue leaders who don't have the time or budget for an expensive CRM / Tech Stack admin.

How much does this cost?


Pricing ranges from $5,000 per month all the way down to $150/hr for ad hoc projects. Check out our pricing page here.

What CRMs can you work with?


Our bread and butter is HubSpot, but we play well with others. We love Salesforce and Pipedrive, too!

Who do you work with at my company?


I work directly with the business owner of the tech stack, whether that is you or someone from your IT team. We track progress in Miro boards and can sync any time. You can learn more about who we help here.

Do you have capacity for new clients?


At any given time we are supporting anywhere between 5 to 20 clients, all with their own unique services and projects. We only work with you if we know we can devote the attention required. If your project is too big, we will recommend you to a friend. Most of the time we have the capacity!