SDR Managers

We help SDRs by:

Providing Training on Your Tech Stack

  • Congrats! You’ve landed your first SDR role at an exciting company! Now, let’s partner together and get you trained up on how to use your tech stack to your advantage.
  • The most successful SDRs are rarely the smartest, but the hardest working and most clever with their tech stack. I’ll show you how to gain an advantage and if you don’t have access or permissions in your tool, I’ll guide you on how to ask your admin/leadership for access.

Unlocking Your Management Skills

  • You’ve been cruising as an SDR for at least a year and now you’re ready to venture into Management. I will be your guide and give you everything needed to crush your interviews.

Are we the right fit?

If you identify with these statements, there's a good chance we're the right consultant for you.

Career level
You're entry level or just landed your first management role (congrats!).
time & budget
You have time for training and a training budget to put to use.

Pricing & Packages

These are popular with SDRs like you, but we offer a lot more and we're happy to talk about a custom package that fits your needs.

SDR Training
  • Four  1-hour sessions.
  • 4 to 1 ratio only.
  • One session on prospecting.
  • One session on messaging.
  • One session on cold calling.
  • One session on data / tech training.
SDR Manager Training
  • Four 1-hour sessions.
  • One session on leadership/managment skills.
  • Two sessions on data / tech training.
  • One session on reporting / working with leadership team.
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